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A scholarship program designed to ignite recurring giving participation and help your church receive up to $2,000 in funds for youth ministries!

High Five

Recurring givers donate 42% more annually, so you'll see an increase in average gifts beyond the scholarship funds.

  • Friendship

    Step 1

    Encourage 25 people to set up new recurring gifts and you'll receive a mailed check for $200! Rinse and repeat for up to $2,000 in scholarship money.

  • Laugh

    Step 2

    Invite your whole community to support your youth—and help you better plan for ministry while they're at it!

  • Letter

    Step 3

    We provide you with helpful marketing resources to spread the word about the scholarship program and inspire participation.

UpLift FAQs

Below you'll find helpful answers to common questions about our scholarship program.

  • What is recurring giving?

    A: Recurring giving is when donors schedule a gift that is automatically deducted from their credit card or bank account on a recurring basis. Givers complete a one-time set up to choose the frequency of the gift (such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly), a dollar amount, and payment method.

  • When we enroll, how much of the donated money goes directly to our organization?

    A: The recurring gifts set up through this program go straight to your organization and can be used at your discretion. Once you receive your first $200 scholarship check from us, we encourage you to use that money for mission trips, youth programs, and educational programs that could benefit from the additional money. We trust your church to steward the money well by serving your community with it.

  • Is there a charge?

    A: Nope! There's no cost to enroll in UpLift.

  • I'm already signed up with Kindrid, do I need to enroll in UpLift?

    A: Yes, you will need to enroll in UpLift separately. You are not automatically enrolled in UpLift when you sign up for online giving.

  • Is there a minimum $ amount for the gift(s)?

    A: No. There is no minimum amount for the recurring gift. People can donate $5, $50, $100, or choose a different amount to give on a scheduled basis.

  • We have multiple campuses—is it 25 gifts per campus, or 25 for the organization as a whole?

    A: 25 for your whole organization! In order to receive scholarship funds, 25 new recurring gifts must be set up per organization (not per campus).

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