How to Launch Giving

A free video course to help introduce digital giving to your church

Pastor Jeff Manion from Ada Bible Church
shares what it takes to successfully launch a giving platform that first Sunday—and, keep inspiring your congregation to fund your vision in the weeks and months that follow

In this video course, you'll receive 5 lessons total—1 lesson sent every week

Lesson #1

Watch videos with real examples of how churches launch giving (and keep the momentum going!)

  • How to Launch Giving
  • How to Follow Up After Launch
  • How to Talk About Ways to Give on Subsequent Sundays
  • [BONUS VIDEO] A Consistent Church Creates Consistent Givers

Lessons #2-5

Take a closer look at each individual video with actionable tips to engage 100% of your church to give.

This course is perfect for churches new to online giving and those that want to re-engage their church with digital giving tools.