How to Give with Kindrid

If your church recently joined Kindrid, or you're new to digital giving, you'll find some helpful instructions here!

How to text a gift

  • Step #1: Head over to your church's website and find their "Give" page. Once there, look for a text giving number. Or, ask your church's administrator for the dedicated giving number (this isn't the church's main phone number, so make sure to specify!)

  • Step #2: Text the number with a gift amount, the name of a specific fund, or the word "Give" to set up a gift

  • Step #3: If this is your first time giving via text, fill out a brief, one-time form to safely link your credit card, debit card, or ACH (echeck) to the church's account

  • Step #4: Once the account is set up, you can text gifts in seconds anytime, anywhere!

Don't forget to save your church's giving number as a contact in your phone, so it's easy to give when you're inspired.

How to give on your church's website

  • Step #1: Go to your church's website and look for a button that prompts you to give, a dedicated giving page, or link that guides you to make a gift

  • Step #2: Follow the instructions to make a one-time gift or set up an account

  • Step #3: Contact your church if you don't see any options on their website to give, and they can guide you from there

How to give with a mobile app

  • Step #1: If your church uses the MinistryOne mobile app and you don't have it downloaded yet, head over to the App Store and search "Church by MinistryOne"

  • Step #2: Open the app and find your church with a quick search, either by name or using your church's zip code

  • Step #3: If you don't have an account yet, follow the one-time set up to create one

  • Step #3: Enjoy giving and managing gifts from your phone!

Don't forget to save your church's giving number as a contact in your phone, so it's easy to give when you're inspired.

Helpful tips when using Kindrid

  • Whether you prefer to give via text, on your church's website, or through mobile app, you can choose to give a one-time gift or set up an account.
  • By setting up an account, your payment information is securely stored for your next gift (so you don't have to re-enter it), and you can set up recurring giving if you prefer scheduling gifts.
  • Easily set up recurring gifts using your church's ways to give. Just set the amount, frequency, and click on the "make this gift recurring" box!
  • You can use credit, debit, or your bank account to give, and you can conveniently store more than one payment method with your account.
  • We're a Level 1 PCI compliant provider and adhere to the highest level of security standards for the card payment industry, so you can be confident your information is protected.

How to share Kindrid with your church

If your church doesn't accept digital gifts (or the current platform is hard to use), we encourage you to share Kindrid with your church leaders and administration!

They can learn more by calling (616) 419-8812 or by emailing us at